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A preliminary assessment of snakes and monitor lizards encountered during Covid-19 lockdown in Agra, India

S. Prerna, Baiju Raj MV, S. Ilayaraja, Manoj Chaurasiya                                                                              Download Pdf 

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Review Article

Synchronization of Ovulation and Estrus in Small Ruminants - A Review

Neha Purey1*,  Awasthi M.K.2, Asit Jain3, Tiwari R.P. 4 and                                                                       Download Pdf 
Sachchidanand Sarkar5                                                                     

Pages 8-13

Review Article

Post-partum cervicovaginal prolapse and its management in jersey crossbred cow

Akhter Rasool*, Jayaganthan P, Sarath T., Suresh Kumar R. and Krishnakumar K.                               Download Pdf                                                                                  

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